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Do Insurance Companies Always Help You? Your Kruse Law Attorney Can Help!

November 14, 2023

Insurance is purchased with the expectation that your insurer will assist you in times of need. In the event of a medical emergency, a car accident, or property damage, insurance gives financial security and peace of mind. A common misconception is that insurance companies are constantly looking out for you. In this piece, we’ll look at this belief and other insurance provider difficulties with the help of your expert attorney, Kevin Kruse of Kruse Law.

1. Profit Motivation
Insurance companies, like any other business, seek to maximize profits. They try to get more premiums than claims. This is critical to their business, but it may lead to decisions that favor them over you. An attorney can protect your rights if an insurance company denies or diminishes your claim in order to save money.

2. Refused Claims
Insurance policies are difficult to understand due to their complex terms, limits, and exclusions. Even if you expect it, insurers may deny a valid claim by interpreting policy terms in their favor. This may leave consumers feeling disgruntled and as if their insurance is working against them. Kruse Law experts can assist you in understanding these issues and obtaining the benefits you deserve.

3. Settlement Offers
Following an accident, your insurer may provide reimbursement. This offer may appear to be reasonable, but insurers like to settle disputes on the cheap. They may understate your damages, medical expenses, and long-term impacts, leaving you with insufficient recompense. Your lawyer can help you reach a reasonable settlement.

4. Payment Snafus
Insurance companies may postpone payments, delaying financial assistance. If you have medical bills, property damage, or other pressing expenses, this delay may be very unpleasant. Insurance companies may have valid reasons for delays, but they must work in your best interests and not prolong the process. Your lawyer can advocate for fast and reasonable payment.

5. Insurance Adjuster Position
Insurance companies use adjusters to evaluate and settle claims. Despite the fact that they evaluate and analyze claims, their allegiance is to the insurance company. This may benefit the company over you. Your attorneys are objective and work to preserve your best interests.

To summarize, insurance companies are critical to financial stability, but you should be skeptical of them, especially if your goals contradict with theirs. You can deal with these concerns with confidence because you know your Kruse Law attorney is fighting for your rights and assets. Trust your attorney to protect your interests, not insurance companies.

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