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A Personal Injury Lawyer in NJ Advises on Holiday Lights and Injuries

October 16, 2023

The holiday season is in full swing, and personal injury lawyers in NJ and NY are getting plenty of calls related to the common risk factors. From slippery sidewalks to motor vehicle accidents in the snow, to sledding accidents and holiday light fiascos, our team of personal injury lawyers have helped hundreds to get the compensation they deserve. While you’re busy hanging holiday lights this season, keep these risks in mind.

NJ’s Personal Injury Lawyers Advise: Holiday Lights are Your Responsibility
Keep in mind: the owner of the property is responsible for safety, including the safety of any decorations or lights that are put up. If you decorate with hanging lights or interactive displays, keep the safety of others in mind. If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s décor, you are entitled to certain rights, just like you would be if you tripped over their doorstep or slid on ice on their sidewalk.

What Can I Do If I’ve Been Injured on Someone Else’s Property in NY?
If you’ve had an injury on someone else’s property, the first thing you need to do is to determine if the injury was your fault. Of course, it’s easy to tell when someone is at fault due to intoxication or trespassing, just like it’s easy to tell when a homeowner is at fault for neglecting their property. But when the property owner and the guest are both doing their best, fault becomes a difficult legal issue. A personal injury attorney can help you sort it out. If the accident or injury was not your fault, you deserve the best legal representation and financial compensation to make it right.

How Can I Prevent My Holiday Decorations From Creating Risks?
Remember: your property is your responsibility! NJ’s personal injury lawyers encourage you to check yourself and your holiday display to ensure it is as safe as possible. That means, if you put a giant spiderweb decoration up for Halloween, or endless strings of lights this Christmas, you need to be sure that your decorations aren’t interfering with guests’ ability to walk safely, see where they are going, or otherwise navigate your property. Fencing or otherwise blocking off risk areas is a smart choice that can keep you safer. Always use the best electrical safeguards and turn your holiday lights on only when you are around to keep an eye on them.

The holidays are filled with merriment and fun, but make sure to keep everyone safe. If you suffer an injury or accident this holiday season, call the personal injury attorneys at Kruse Law to start getting the compensation you deserve.